What is safeguarding?

BJHA strive to protect people and this what Safeguarding is about. We refer to the term ‘safeguarding’ to mean the measures which we can put in place to protect the wellbeing, health and human rights of individuals.

Measures may include making sure individuals have access to the support services they need (such as health providers, social services, or relevant charities) or working with them to form action plans to help reduce the risk of harm and increase their wellbeing.   

How do you support tenants?

It is our responsibility as a social landlord to do everything we can to make sure that our customers are as safe as possible whilst living in their homes.

Our teams work closely with customers to help keep them safe and support them to achieve independent living while maintaining their tenancies. Our staff are trained to look out for related signs of safeguarding cases and raise such cases when identified.

Find full BJHA Safaeguarding Policy Document here or download it below

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